• "It’s like coming home to my other family; everyone here is so nice and are really great at what they do. I had my braces taken off today and my smile is just perfect! I am so glad I had my braces at Le Orthodontics."

    - Dan N - Aberdeen
  • "Everyone at Le Orthodontics is super friendly and professional. 

    Thank you again for all the hard work and attention to detail you and your excellent staff put into caring for my teeth.  You always explain things so clearly and I understand what’s happening with my treatment.  I will definitely recommend Le Orthodontics to anybody in need of braces."

    - Alison B - Elma
  • "Thank you Dr. Le! My daughter was embarrassed to smile. She couldn't get braces prior to meeting you because of anxiety for the dentist. You showed compassion, patience and care. After treatment she is confident and proud to show off her smile. I would recommend you to anyone needing orthodontics.

    You did a beautiful job!"

    Thanks again,

    - Liz B - Vancouver
  • "I love having my braces off!  My smile looks amazing.  All that pain and hassle with rubber bands and such was all worth it.  Here's a little something I wrote to my braces."

    **Dear Braces,

    I would say I will miss you but that'd be a lie.  My teeth will be forever grateful but definitely not miss you.  Glad to be out of your metal grip.  I'm brace free.  AMEN!**

    - Kaelyn W - Aberdeen
  • "I just wanted to tell all of the staff at Le Orthodontics that I am absolutely in love with the work done on my teeth!  Now that my braces are removed and my smile is so pretty I feel much more confident and that is such an incredible feeling.  So thank you guys so very much!  Every single staff member at Le Orthodontics is amazing, hardworking, diligent, and truly care about each patient's wants and needs.  All of the work done at Le Orthodontics is done perfectly and in a timely fashion!  I would recommend Le Orthodontics to anyone who needs braces and wants to be worked on by the best staff around! :) "

    - Nicole M - Aberdeen
  • "I just wanted to say thank you so much Le Orthodontics, to everyone here who changed my life.  Thank you for all your positive comments and support, I will be forever grateful.  God bless you."

    - Candis F - Aberdeen
  • "The staff at Le Orthodontics was always really nice and helpful.  If you had a question, they could answer it.  Dr. Le always asked me how my day was going.  How many doctors do that?  She always explained what was going on or what they were doing.  I would recommend them to anyone needing braces."

    - Tessa W - Raymond
  • "During my two and a half years (give or take) of having braces I had around 20 - 30 appointments where the orthodontists would tighten and replace parts of my braces. Sometimes my teeth would hurt but the staff was so nice to me. Every single orthodontist helped me out during the time I had my braces on. Also, my teeth look so nice! I do not regret getting braces!"

    - Chris N - Aberdeen
  • "I was so happy when I saw my perfect teeth from Le Orthodontics & Staff. It was such a relief that they did such a great job, and I mean everyone! I am grateful and very pleased with the staff's teamwork. I would recommend Le Orthodontics & Staff to anybody wanting a gift. I am happy."

    - Jasper B - Aberdeen
  • "I had a tooth behind my other teeth. Then I went to the dentist for a check-up. They did all these tests and they referred me to Le Orthodontics. They took pictures of me and made a model of my lower and upper jaw. Then the next step was to put my braces on. After a couple of years, the day came to take off the braces. The results were great. Thank you for giving me a better smile."

    - Misael L - Elma
  • "The staff here is absolutely the best! My daughter got her braces here and she has the most amazing beautiful smile. I highly recommend Le Orthodontics."

    - Crystal F - Port Angeles
  • "I like the pictures in the waiting room and how they have the picture board of who gets their braces on and who gets their braces off. I really enjoy when I come in and everyone greets me with a smile.  I really like the "Le Bucks"  because you can buy all kinds of stuff! I also like how you can wear colors and get extra "Le Bucks"."

    - Kendal W - Aberdeen
  • "When you check in at Le Ortho they always have a smile.  All of the staff is very kind.   They make sure everything is going okay for me. I always look forward to get "Le Bucks" and or course to see my handsome smile after my braces are off."

    - Kalvyn S - Westport
  • "Le Orthodontic's staff is wonderful! My teeth have been in good care! I love the friendly ladies here. My teeth have improved very well, my mom is very satisfied too! The rewards system is very RAD! They have a lot of stuff for all ages and coming here is the favorite part of my day!"

    - Tyler C - Aberdeen

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